Looking After Oneself

This post is about self-care, yet the term is over used I had to look it up in a thesaurus, By looking up I mean google another word or words for self care, and the words that jumped out at me the most were "Looking after oneself." Why do we feel so guilty or selfish when we take the time to look after ourselves? Maybe some people don't, but I know I do. I test all the products I make long before they hit my website. So when I made bath bombs, salts for baths and goats milk soaps; for the sake of work, I had to take some baths. I know.. rough, but somebody's gotta do it. I truly forgot how wonderful baths are. For clarification and because my family reads my blog posts, this is a stock i


When the opportunity to raise a bottle fed calf came up, I did not immediately say yes. I said I needed to think about it. I have never raised a bottle fed calf, but I knew it was a huge commitment and a little risky as not all bottle fed calves make it. We already lost a calf earlier in the year and I knew my heart couldn't bear losing another. After some thought and research and knowing this baby's mom died from birthing complications a few days after the calf was born, I said yes. We only had a short time to prepare so two of the grandsons and I got to work. We got a stall ready and an outside pen set up. I knew she would be in a stall 24/7 at first, but I also knew I wanted her to have

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