Bee Informed ~ The making of honey from the field to the hive and finally, to the jar.

We have been beekeepers for only a few years and already we have learned so much..and have so much to learn. Bees are truly fascinating. I intended on writing a L O N G blog post about all I know of bees and beekeeping; then I remembered this video I came across a few years ago. Take a moment to watch it, you will feel super smart afterwards. I am pretty sure you will also have a new found appreciation for bees. Amazing right? So now that you have a general idea of how they make honey, here's a look into how we extract it. First things first. A single colony will produce a lot of honey, they are known over achievers, therefore, they produce more than they will consume. All of the honey that

" Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murm

I can't say that summer around here is restful; but taking moments to let it all soak in, is never a waste if time. This summer has been much like past summers, hot! But along with the heat we get longer days, not a bad trade. Summer has really just started and we still have some big projects, like harvesting honey. We are doing that this weekend. If I waited to include that, this post would be EVEN LONGER! We have caught a couple swarms of bees so far. One in a swarm trap located on our property, the other was a swarm on a tree at our local farm supple store. An employee posted it on Facebook, I immediately responded. First swarm I've captured all by myself :) These pics are from the trap o

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