As I picked up a notebook to write this blog post (I usually hand write my blog posts before typing) I grabbed this notebook, opened it up to this page. The title was already written. I assume from another writing I never wrote. How fitting. How "meant to bee" as this blog post is about an anaphylactic episode I had the night before last. Yep, from a bee sting. The same bee stings I've endured countless times before. In hindsight, the greatest teacher of all, maybe the signs were there that this was going to happen. I get what is called "moderate localized reactions" but not every time. Most bee stings I get are just the same little to no reaction as most people have. I never ever thought th

The question is not what you look at, But what you see.

The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Henry David Thoreau. Pretty flowers, right? Yes, I think so. But they aren't just any flowers, these are flowers I planted from seed and grew this year. I have never grown flowers, only vegetables. I'm not sure why other than a deep seeded need to grow only "useful" items. Wow, how I have been missing out. Not only are they "useful" as they are calendula that I use in my products, but they make me happy to look at, I think that's pretty "useful." I also am growing teddy bear sunflowers this year. It makes me happy to look at my flowers; but when I am watering them, I don't just see pretty flowers. I see the fruits of my labor, I see po

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