Raw Honey.. not just for toast and tea

Sure raw honey is delicious on toast and the perfect sweetness for tea; but, raw honey has a plethora of health benefits. I am talking real honey the kind straight out of a beekeepers hives. Most grocery store honey, isn't really honey at all. A lot of it has added corn syrup, a lot of it is imported and much if not all of it is pasteurized. Pasteurizing raw honey destroys almost every health benefit this super food contains. Raw honey from beekeepers is literally straight from the hives. This honey, real raw honey has: Antioxidants, Antibacterial properties, Anti fungal properties, Wound and burn healing capabilities, Immune boosting benefits via the phytonutrients, A potent pre biotic and

Creating Calm

If there one thing I've worked on this year, it's creating calm; in my mind, my home and in my life. Prior to this pandemic I found an eagles nest. Quite by accident actually. Mike and I were looking for an additional place to keep some of our beehives. A friend of Mikes offered to let us put them on his land. As we were scouting the location, I had a sense that this place was right, even more I has a sense this place was sacred. We walked around looking at potential soon-to-be pollen and nectar sources which was a little tricky since this was during the end of January. Something made me look up. Stunned, I said "Is that an eagles nest?!" It was a massive circle of perfectly woven sticks. As

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