In Awe of Pawpaw

Prior to this year I had only tasted pawpaw once and it was at a farmers market. At that time I assumed that they were from somewhere tropical. Well, now I know, they are not! According to Blossom Nursery's website: The Pawpaw, Asimina triloba, is the largest edible wild fruit native to the USA, occurring naturally in moist, shady places in most of the eastern half of the USA, from the Gulf Coastal plain to the Great Lakes, and from lower New England, to the edge of the southwestern plains. Last month when I was harvesting elderberries, I stepped on something squishy, then immediately looked up. I was in the middle of a pawpaw patch! I took a few home as most of them were not ripe yet. I had


C D A Not a supplement, fancy job title or even a product I want to tell you all about. Nope, this is just me talking openly and honestly about a theme that keeps coming up in everything I read and listen to. COMPLIANCE DEFIANCE ALLIANCE Rather they are phases in a lifetime or moods throughout a single day. I have some thoughts on these words and my experiences with them. As a child, I was compliant, the oldest, so fairly typical. I did what I was told, I helped with the younger ones and yielded positive results for my compliant behavior. My preteen and teen years, like many, were a bit on the defiant side. I ran away from home at age 16 and suffered with anorexia for many years in m

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