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Give as a gift or get it for yourself, because our health is of vital importance.

Just add a bathtub filled with hot water and enjoy.

Perfect ingredients for a soothing bath with a hot cup of mild tea with real raw honey.


Gift Box Includes:

Rose Hip & Calendula  Bath Bomb

Honey Lavender Sugar Scrub

Organically Grown luffa (grown here on a farm)

2 Rose Hip & Calendula Tea Bags 

Raw Honey From Our Hives (in glass skep 3 oz jar with keepsake bee charm)


Rose Hip & Calendula Bath Bomb: Baking soda, Citric acid, Epsom salt, Cornstarch, Dried organic rose hips, dried organic calendula flowers and Bergamot essential oil


Honey Lavender Sugar Scrub: Organic Cane Sugar & Organic Coconut Oil, Raw honey and lavender essential oil. 


Rose Hip and Calendula Tea: Dried organic rose hip and dried organic calendula flowers

Bee Healthy Gift Box

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