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A bright basket full of goodness for all of you, inside and out.


Basket includes:

12 oz glass jar local raw honey

Goats Milk Beehive Soap

Lavender & Honey Whipped Sugar Scrub

Locally and organically grown luffa 

Calendula Flower Bath Bomb 

All packaged in a yellow metal basket.


Goats Milk Beehive Soap: organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, organic safflower oil, glycerin (kosher of vegetable origin) goats milk, purified water, lye, soribtol) Local MO raw honey, organic micca powder & orange essential oil.

Lavender & Honey Sugar Scrub: Organic cane sugar, Organic coconut oil and lavender essential oil

Calendula Flower Bath Bomb: Baking soda, Epsom salt, Citric acid, Cornstarch, Organic calendula flowers & Bergamot essential oil. 

Bee Well Basket

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