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A poweful combination of elements that I love: Gemstones, herbs/flowers and essential oils. All infused in fractioned coconut oil. 


The Focus Gemstone Roller: Tiger Eye, Rosemary,Bergamot, Clove & Ginger Essential Oils

For clariry and mental focus 


Our energy is always changing. The energy of gemstones are constant - this helps us to balance our energy.

The energy from the gemstones begins to move into the essential oils and carrier oil when steeped. 


The gemstone chips have been cleansed and charged.

I collect water from our spring fed creek; I then charge that water under a full moon. That "moonwater" is then used to cleanse and charge the crystals. 


10 ml roller bottle with metal roller. 


Each roller bottle contains approximately 10 drops of essential oils, if you would like more OR less, please make a notation on your order in the notes section. 


Gemstone Roller Focus

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