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This may be my most favorite set I have ever put together!

Induldge all your senses.


Get the teapot going, pour your hot water in a mug.. then lock the bathroom door and get ready to truly take care of yourself and relax! Next, draw your bath water. Then add the bath bomb. Before you get in, steep the tea bag in the hot water and add some raw honey. Use the sugar scrub and natural luffa to get rid of all l the dead skin. Don't forget to sip your tea while relaxing. You WILL feel relaxed, nourished and have incredibly smooth skin. 




Honey & Lavender Set:

Honey Lavender Sugar Scrub (organic cane sugar, organic coconut oil & lavender essential oil)

Organically Grown Luffa (grown here on our farm)

Lavender Bath Bomb (baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, corn starch, lavender buds & lavender essential oil.)

Raw Honey 1.5 oz Glass Hexagon jar with Honey Dipper (from our own beehives)

Chamomile & Lavender Tea Bag (dired chamomile and lavender that I combined and made a loose tea mix)


All packaged in a 14 inch jute drawstring bag.  

Lavender & Honey Set

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