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A Ritual Bath has a dual purpose: to cleanse and protect as well as sooth the body physically. 

It is truly a Divine experience and was Divinely inspiried. 

Four ounce glass mason jar and packahed in silky pink drawsting bag. 


The Salts: Dead Sea Salt infused with coconut oil, Epsom salt & Himalayan. These salts draw out toxins, aids in circualtion and helps relieve sore muscles and achy joints. 


The Herbs: Lavender: calming properties and aids with fungal issues

                  Rosemary: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

                  Rose Petals and Buds: antioxidant and promotes healthy skin

                  Calendula Petals: can help prevent muscle spasms and helps reduce skin irritation 

                  Chamomile Tea: calming properties, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory


The Essential Oils:

                  Lavender: calming properties and aids with fungal issues

                  Rose Absolute: calming properties

                  Juniper: Antiseptic properties

                  Sage: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti microbial properties


Comes pre-blended in a glass jar with lid. There is enought to experience 1 or 2  Ritual Baths. Pour the contens (1/2 the jar or the whole jar) into  your bath while claiming your intention. (Example: rid me of these negative thoughts, rid my body of this pain, purify my body with these earthly gifts....) If your intention is to rid yourself of anything negative, stay in the tub when you are finished and watch all the water flush down the drain; it's a powerful symbol of washing the negativity away. This is just a suggestion, how you have your Ritual Bath is entirely up to you. 


Blended togheter you have a Divine Ritual Bath infused with rich salts, herbs and oils to make for something more than just a bath.


Despite what has been written or that maybe you have heard; there is not a right or wrong way to have a Ritual Bath. Its essense and intention is up to the individual. 




    Ritual Bath

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