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Equine Divine Conditioner

So excited about the new Co-Op Chicks Equine Divine Conditioner. I have been working on a leave in conditioner/detangler for about a month. Some recipes were too think, some too thin, some contained water (which will shorten the shelf life without preservatives.) Finally... a winner! I knew I wanted to use virgin organic unrefined shea butter. Read to see all the wonderful benefits of virgin organic unrefined shea butter. So, using a generous amount of it, plus some olive oil then added some lavender essential oil (LOCAL lavender essential oil) from this conditioner that goes on like butter and smells of lavender... was born. This is not your ordinary leave in conditioner, you are probably use to lotions & conditioners that have water added, thinning them down. This one is thick, rich and wonderful! Here's how I recommend using it on horses. My mini, Flint, sporting a somewhat ratty tail.. and mane.

Scoop out desired amount of Equine Divine Conditioner, start with less until you get use to the consistency and know how much you will need.

Then rub the wonderful-ness together in your hands. I could not convince Flint to take a photo of me doing just that, but you get the point, rub it into your hands.

Then, apply evenly to mane and/or tail.

After you have worked it through with your fingers, brush.

I only brushed for a couple minutes and the tangles came free! Seriously, it's like "buttah" And viola!

The trick is really working it in good with your hands before brushing. Works well on crazy forelocks too!

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