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Where Did Summer Go?

It rained a record amount this June, something like 19 inches! So really it felt like a long spring. Now it's mid August and summer is drawing to an end. I am not super sad as fall is my favorite time of the year. This summer has been a mix of set backs and rewards. However, that statement in itself can pretty much sum up life on a farm. We have had tractor issues, yet got our hay and got it put up. The rain made for a lot less riding this summer, yet because of the rain the pastures have NEVER looked this good in August! Even our "dry lot" has plentiful grass.

Our newest addition, Indigo "Indie" is growing like a weed and seems to be adapting well to farm life.

The garden did well again this year, but I would still really like to have raised beds one day :) The soil is very fertile; good for the food yet makes for lots of weeding. It's always worth it.

As you can see, my little farm hand helps me a lot. When I am outside there's almost always a little 21/2 foot farm hand next to me. I love that he loves the outdoors! I think this next image sums up summer...

Grass on his feet from the grass always being cut (my son never got that break from cutting grass that usually happens in July.) Blisters from scurrying to get his boots on, without socks, to come out with his Mimi. Yep, that's been our summer, grass & blisters. I'd say that's a pretty good summer.

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