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Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have had to keep that in mind a lot this summer... patience.

It's essential in many aspects of life, but especially in farming, even when it's a small operation like ours.

Patience waiting on baby chicks to hatch, but always worth the wait and worry.

Patience for the girls to calve. Being on calf watch can be exhausting! Again, always worth the anticipation. (Even if one always calves 2 months after the others!)

Patience. Patience and more patience for us first year beekeepers! Beekeeping has been a very interesting and sometimes labor intensive chore. Keeping an eye out for swarming, making sure the hives are queen right. But in the end, to find this liquid gold... SO worth the wait!

With all this going on, there has been little time to ride. Planning to do more of that this fall, which is my favorite time to ride. No horse flies and cool crisp air.. can't wait!

I have been busy creating new products as well. Currently, they are out for testing. I do not test on animals, I do however test on people! But they are willing, so it's all good.

Here's one new product out for testing. All Natural Beard Butter. An in between beard oil and beard balm option. Feedback will be coming back soon, so look for it available for purchase in the near future.

Co-Op Chicks continued #1 seller is still All Natural Almond & Honey Scrub. If you haven't tried it, you really should.

It seems that my blog posts care a little repetitive; every spring and summer is baby chicks and calves and so on. It is a lot of the same thing each year, and it's a ton of work, Work that keeps us from going on vacation. However, the dream long ago was to create a life we didn't need a vacation from, and that we have done. We did manage to get away for our annual fishing trip at Bennett Springs, even made it into the Trout Talk Publication!

And we took a couple day trips to go blueberry & blackberry picking.

It's been good summer. Now I am ready for fall... but I will be patient :)

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