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Happy Halloween!

It's currently 76 degrees in Cedar Hill, Missouri; so it doesn't exactly feel like Halloween. I double checked the calendar and sure enough, it's October 31st.

It's been a really busy couple of months. Getting ready for our first winter with bees, getting our hay delivered for the livestock, rotating the horses and cows from pasture to pasture frequently to get the most of the grass before they are on hay only.

No matter what time of the year it is, grooming these awesome creatures is always important. It's also very mind clearing. I confess: grooming horses is therapeutic for me. I assume they like it as much as I do :) For my horse friends reading this, you must try Co-Op Chicks Equine Divine Conditioner. I promise you, between the super thick de-tangling texture and the lavender essential oil, you will LOVE it. An added benefit; your horses mane and tail will stay tangle free between grooming. Look for it under the pet tab.

So far this fall we have done the "fall" things we always do.. apple picking & pumpkin patch. Both events fun, but again, warm. Very strange fall so far.

Mike aka PawPaw and Oliver bailing their own hay at the pumpkin patch.

Even though the weather has been warn for fall, it is dry. I have already seen an increase in orders for the favorite fall items such as lotion bars.

These are AMAZING! Easy to apply and lovely to look at as well. Most importantly, they work! Great for dry hands, arms, elbows... And this year I bought this cute mold for the bars. From the orders I am receiving, I am not the only one that loves them :)

Co-Op Chicks now has a full line of beard products and with "No Shave November" approaching plus the overall popularity of men growing their beards out; I have seen a huge increase in beard product orders. Men just have to reminded that they have to take care of that skin under the beard as well as the beard itself. The set includes: Beard Oil (for the hair follicles under the beard that are often neglected.) Beard Butter, for everyday conditioning and Beard Balm for sculpting.

A client that purchased the Beard Set for her man at a fall festival earlier this month. Even he didn't know he needed it until he tried it!

With this dry air I get more and more inquires about facial products. Co-Op Chicks has you covered there with 'The Essentials" This set includes everything you need to glowing skin. When you purchase The Essentials, ask me about a discount on Beeswax & Honey Wrinkle Shrink and I will send you a coupon code for that.

Time for me to get ready to go meet the family for some trick or treat fun. Which reminds me.. here's my little "Firefighter Bee." Yes, a firefighter bee. That's what Oliver is for Halloween! In a 3 year old mind, you can be whatever you want.. actually in this (almost 46 yikes!) year old's mind, I agree.

Happy Halloween! Special discount only for the people that took to the time to read this. Use code selectpeople10 for 10% off your order.

Cutest "firefighter bee' EVER! Or maybe just the only!

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