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It's the Weather

It has been raining for a few days here and projected to rain for SEVERAL more days. So, yes, it's the weather. The weather that has me feeling tired, less motivated and overall blah lately. I try no to complain about the weather since there is nothing one can do to change it, the only optinon is to make the best of it and look forward to sunny days.

I took my raincoat and camera out with me today to explore and to go with the the (literal) flow.

The creek is only going to get higher over the next several days. Luckily, the only issue we have is flash flooding. Many have river flooding and I am grateful that we do not have that issue. The creek is facinating to watch during times of heavy rainfall. I like to sit down there and watch it change from narrow to wide. There is rarely the same place to sit more than once as the creeks construction and landscape is ever changing. A rock I sat on last week, is gone today. The fog was espeically pretty today.

Fallen trees make for a great bench.

I did see signs of spring, so I know she's coming... eventually.

I can't help but feel bad for all the animals. However, they have covered areas to go to and seldom choose to congregate in those areas. Since the grass is slow to grow this year due to lack of sun, they can almost always be found at the hay feeders... or in them.

Although I know they are fine outside, it's tempting to think about, ya know bringing a horse inside. Who does that?

We do. Well, my daughters did back in the day. It was a pony, but nonetheless, a horse in the house :)

The chickens aren't venturing out of the coop much lately. Which means more mess inside for me to clean. That's ok, once the sun comes back to visit I will be thrilled to be outside doing chores, even the chicken coop!

Besdies, wet chickens are strange and sad looking.

Then there are the smallest members of our livestock on the farm. The bees. We CAN NOT WAIT to get it there and see how they are doing. The weather has not allowed that lately, but there's a small chance I will be able to sneak in tomorrow and get a look. Meanwhile, as long as it's not cold out, I see one here and there, even in the rain. Looking forward to see them all over the flowers and in the garden.

So many frames ready to go. Mike's been assembling them at the fire house, we are so ready for this years adventures with the bees! Each year is different, each year we learn so much more and each year we are more and more intrigued by them.

Speaking of the garden... I am going to finally start my seeds this week. The solar boxes are cleaned out and ready. I suppose I could go ahead and start the seeds in them, but again, some sun would be nice.

There I go, complaining about the weather.. but you know, there are some pretty significant benefits from the sun, other than growing plants and grass. Sunlight affects serotonin, melatonin & vitamin D levels. So feeling tired, a little "blah" and less energy are very real affects from not having any sunlight.

I wrote about self care in my last blog post and I think it's pretty relivant now as well. When I am feeling less than good, tired or even a little depressed, making the time for self care ALWAYS helps me feel better. I do not think I am alone on this one as lately I have been selling an above average amount of bath bombs and sugar scrubs.

These are so great. Detox bath bombs with organic calendula flowers. I was not really a bath person until I started making these. I actually feel better after taking a bath with these. Click here to get some for yourself or as a gift.

Another popular item lately is Honey Lavender Sugar Scrub. A really nice way to both relax and exfoliate in the bath or shower. Click here to get yours now!

Lavender Vanilla has been a popular choice as well. This is a light, quick absobing whipped lotion that feels like silk on your skin and smells amazing. Find it here.

Even though the dogs and cat are in during the rain, when they do go out, even if it's just long enough to go potty, they bring back in with them that wet dog smell. Ugh. I keep my Lavender Peppermint Spray by the door & they get a little touch up when coming back in. Good thing because it's only about .5 seconds before they are on the couch, messing up the couch covers. I welcome the Lavender Peppermint smell they leave :)

Keeping the dogs clean is important to me as we share the couch with them (much to Mike's dismay.) So while I do not like to bathe them too often, I do so confidently when using my all natural dog soaps.

Two all natural goats milk soap for dogs available:

Click photo to order


As always, thanks for taking the time to read & being the wonderful clients, current or future, that you are :)

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