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All That I Am Or Hope To Be - I Owe to My Mother

True. My mother is the hardest working, smartest, most beautiful and gracious person I know. I do indeed owe the best parts of me, to my mom.

I know, she's beautiful, inside and out.

She has shown me via example the true meaning of "grace under fire." Her most treasured words of advise to me have been two lines:

1.) You can not be offended by someone you do not respect.

2.) The best revenge is a good life.

I am one of the lucky ones that still has my mother. I know many people do not. Their moms have transitioned from earth mom to guardian angel.

Instead of just posting Mother's Day promotions, I am choosing to write a blog post. I think Mother's Day is a pretty big deal. For me, motherhood has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding endeavors of my life. It's suppose to be my role to teach my children, and I have; but also, they have taught me so much.

Both of these photos are dated. Sadly, I don't have a more recent picture of us. It's been quite the journey, this motherhood thing, again though, most likely, the most rewarding endeavor I will ever partake in.

Moms or the person/people you view as mom, deserve recognition on Mother's Day, in my humble opinion.

If you choose a gift that I have created, I have some pretty ones to choose from this year.

Bee Calm Mom gift set.

Includes a purple basket filled with: Lavender Vanilla Lotion (a top seller) Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub, Bee's Knees Lavender Mini Lotion Bar, Some of Your Beeswax Vanilla Lip Balm and a "scrubbie"

Packaged in purple netting with Bee Calm Mom tag and bee charm.

All of this for $36.50 plus shipping!

Click here to purchase.

Queen Bee Gift Set

Includes yellow wire mesh basket filled with: Queen Bee Almond & Honey Scrub, 1 oz tin of Bee Moisturized Calendula Lotion, Bee's Knees Bergamot Lotion Bar, Some of Your Beeswax Vanilla Lip Balm & a locally grown luffa. Wrapped in yellow netting with Queen Bee tag and bee charm. All for $35.00 plus shipping!

Click here to purchase.

If you're looking for something on the smaller scale of gifts, there are two awesome options.

If mom is into gardening, this Garden Hands Sugar Scrub is the way to go. It lifts dirt AND moisturizes. Comes in berry basket with raffia.

Garden Hands Gift Basket it only $9.50 plus shipping!

Click here to order.

Lastly, I recently added this gift set to the collection. I personally love it! Bee-Cause I love you set comes with: honey comb box, tied with jute, bee charm and Bee-Cause I love you Happy Mother's Day card, Bee's Knees Lavender Mini Lotion Bar and Some of Your Beeswax Vanilla Lip Balm. Bee-Cause I Love you set is only $14.50 plus shipping!

Click here to order.

I offered free shipping for the first three orders and those went fast. So, I have decided to extend it for the next three orders. Order soon this offer ends after three have been ordered. Use coupon code justbeecause.

As always, thank you for reading, thank you for your support, Happy Mother's Day early and Mom, I love you!

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