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Back to the Earth

New Year. New Name.

A few months ago this name came to me and I let it swirl in my head for awhile. Almost every day it kept coming back up. I told myself that if it still felt right by the end of the year I would launch it at the beginning of the new year.

So here we are! I am super excited about this change.

I am 95% sure the image above will be the new logo. It really speaks to me. I get caught up though wondering; is the logo supposed to speak to you or me? I feel like this one is pretty open to interpretation.

Why the name change? No reason really.. because I felt like it, so if I have to have a reason, that would be it! Back to the Earth also defines in greater depth what I am about and what my products are all about.

The gifts of Mother Nature used for their beneficial properties have been used for thousands upon thousands of years. I study many Native American remedies and incorporate them into my products. There is often a misconception of all natural being chosen because it's better for you (due to lack of chemicals) and while that is true, the real benefit is in the results - all natural products just plain work!

The awareness lately to go Back to the Earth is an exciting time. Gone are the days when people would give me a weird look for suggesting raw honey for a cough or tea tree essential oil for pretty much anything. People are now pretty aware of the effectiveness of all natural products.

I have updated the website a bit, however, it's going to take me some time to get all new pictures with the new logo, taken and uploaded.

I do have one product and picture ready with the new name and logo!

SHAVING SOAP! It's whips up a nice lather and leaves skin SUPER soft.

Not to mention, this soap doesn't contain propane like most shaving creams in aerosol cans do.. yep, go look a can. Propane. Propane on your face..YUCK!

This soap is made from an organic goats milk soap base, bentonite clay and organic jojoba oil with a blend of essential oils.

The set (soap, tin and brush) is only $22 and will last a long time. Replacement soaps will only be $10.

I don't test on animals, I test on people, my people :) Mike was a great model for me while shaving away the accumulation of the days off in between his fire department schedule.

Make sure to check back often for new products and promotions.

2019 is going to be a fantastic year, for you and for lets get Back to the Earth!


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