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Honey and Turmeric - A Powerful Duo

How do I feel about getting older? Well.... I am okay with it. Looking older, that's a different story! I am two years from turning 50, so these days I am taking skin care pretty seriously. I am a grandma, well they call me Mimi and I love it, however - I am not ready to look like a grandma.

Raw Honey.

Delicious & Nutritious inside and out.

Everyone knows how beneficial raw honey is for your insides, but not too many people know how wonderful it is for skin.

As a beekeeper, obviously I LOVE bees and honey.

I have been using raw honey for awhile now and I am often complimented on my complexion. I make a few masks with different clay options. I still do detox masks (bentonite clay & raw honey) but I really like this new one. The benefits of turmeric are AMAZING and mixed with raw honey... wow! I have been using this set and I am happy with what I see. This is no foundation and I usually wear foundation and I almost always only post pictures of me with at least some make up on... not today! I took a selfie to show you all. I have been using this set thought (because I test on myself and my family, not animals.)

I am seeing my skin even out, less red patches (which is why I usually wear foundation.) Also, as you can see, I am in the elements all the time, that takes its toll on a girls face! This fact coupled with the aging process makes for a real mess, or at least a really old looking face. With the help of mother's natures gifts, I have helped my skin stay young.. or at least younger :)


* Antimicrobial

* Anti inflammatory

* Antiseptic

* Antioxidants (aids in skin rejuvenation which can heal wounds making it very effective for skin outbreaks or acne.)

* Skin lightening (reduces hyper pigmentation, thus evening out skin tone)

* Many studies have confirmed the outstanding properties of turmeric

* When applied to the skin, turmeric can temporarily stain the skin or leave a yellow residue. This is normal. But if you’re allergic, direct skin contact can cause irritation, redness, and swelling.Test turmeric on your forearm, applying a dime-sized amount and waiting 24 to 48 hours to see if you react before using on your face. Do not use turmeric on your skin if you’re allergic to the spice in food.


Many of the same properties as turmeric such as:


* Antibacterial

* Helps even out skin tones

* Super hydrating

* Skin tightening

Both raw honey and turmeric have been used for centuries. This is nothing new, but it's new to Back to the Earth!

The other three parts: the sugar scrub, soap and lotion are equally important.

The goats milk soap alone is WONDERFUL!

It cleanses gently yet deeply. High in: Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B12, C, D and E) Minerals: Zinc, copper and selenium. Contains high amounts of fatty acids and enzymes.

Sugar scrub from Back to the Earth is a simple and effective way to exfoliate.

The Bergamot and Frankincense Facial Lotion is a smooth and thick blend of organic shea butter, sweet almond oil and essential oils. Shea butter is a great moisturizer as it moisturizes yet won't clog pores.

Why Bergamot and Frankincense essential oils in so many of these products in this set? Because they work; also, they smell wonderful blended together.

Bergamot essential oil: Helps remove dirt and impurities and aids in unclogging pores.

Frankincense essential oil: Promotes cell and tissue regeneration.

Raw Honey and Turmeric Mask

Apply to clean face. It's sticky and lovely. Apply all over face and neck. Leave on for at least 10 minutes, longer if you want.

Rinse with warm water and use the provided luffa to help scrub away the mask.

Use the Bergamot Frankincense Sugar Scrub AND the luffa to scrub all of the mask off.

Use Calendula Turmeric Goats Milk Soap to thoroughly clean face, working the lather in circular motion.

Rinse and use provided towel (as the turmeric will stain towels) to dry

Apply Bergamot and Frankincense Facial Lotion to face and neck. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way.

You WILL see results! This regime including the face mask, can be done once a week. The rest of the regime (Bergamot & Frankincense Sugar Scrub, Calendula Turmeric Goats Milk Soap and Bergamot Frankincense Facial Lotion) can be used daily.

These are sold only as a set as they work in conjunction with one another.

I can not wait for you to try this set!

Limited time coupon for $5 off

use coupon code beeglowing


all of these come in either a tin or basket :)

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