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Why it's an Essence, Not Just a Purchase

Picture yourself at a fall festival purchasing apple butter. Do you really need apple butter? No. It's fall and you are purchasing apple butter for its essence. The feeling it evokes of fall and home made that it brings.

That feeling is what you are buying when you purchase any product that I make.

What exactly is essence?

A quick google search defines it this way: " The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines character."

I think most people understand what essence is; although it is hard to explain or even put into simple words.

There is an essence here on our farm. It is quiet, secluded and serene here. That energy flows into me, therefore, it then spills into everything I make.

I do not methodically make products. I have to be rested. I have to be un-disturbed and balanced. I can not be rushed.

A motto I use a lot in life, on our farm, with the animals, with my business and with people is "it takes the time it takes."

There is no point in rushing. If I do find myself doing so, I stop. I slow down.

The tractor will start when it's ready. The stock tank will fill in its own time, the animals will move from one pasture to another at their own pace. I will not start moving until I have had at least two cups of coffee each morning.

I have a great appreciation for everything in my life; both the good and the bad. Along with the bad comes the lessons. Along with the good comes an abundance of love for everything and everybody in my life.

I am grateful every moment of every day for where and how I live.

I enjoy watering the flowers and plants. I enjoy taking care of all the animals. I get great satisfaction from collecting eggs. I feel privileged to tend to the bees.

I love spending time in the creek.

I take time to appreciate the morning dew, the setting sun and the rising moon; in all of its glorious phases. Our bonfires, both big and small.

That joy, that fulfillment is my essence - and that essence is the core of my business.

I believe the photos that I take help capture that essence.

That essence is in every product I make.

I also believe that my clients feel that essence, as they have told me so; and that's a wonderful feeling!

Are you a current client? If so, comment below on the Facebook link that got you here with your experience of the essence in the products that I have made for you.

Never purchased a product from me? Now is the time!

So many products to choose from and they aren't just great because they are all natural; they are equally great because they work to improve the health AND appearance of your skin.

I leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes. One that I have most likely shared before but also one that has inspired me every step along the way in creating the life I have.

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