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Is Nothing Sacred? Part 2

There had to be a part 2 to this post, there might be a part 3 and more! I continue to learn so much more as I go.

What I do know for certain is that this stage, peri menopause, has many parts. For the physical part I have found a supplement that has literally changed my life. I also am aware that this is what is working for me, at this time. My needs will change. I will continue to research and do what works for me; each one of us is different. Please note that I am not giving medical advice; I am simply sharing what is working for me and highly encouraging other women to seek out what will work for them. Being overly tired, in pain and grumpy is no way to live.

For me this process, as so for most women, has been a true wake up call to take better care of myself.

It is said that the body whispers at first, then screams if you ignore the whispers. For me, looking back the whispers started a couple years ago. I ignored them because... I have shit to do! While that's true, ignoring them only made it harder to do all the things I need to do. The scream came as interrupted sleep. That was enough for me to stop ignoring what was going in because I can function on less than 8 hours sleep; yet to really be my best I need 8-9 hours. Yep, at least 8-9 hours of good quality restorative and regenerative sleep.

The supplement that is working for me is callled Menoquil. I chose this ones after hours and hours of research. It has all the phytoestrogens I was looking at taking individually, in one pill (well, 4 per day.)

Again, this is what is working for me... and it worked quickly, I began feeling better in just 2-3 days! I also began (finally) drinking a lot of water every day. Filling up my glass a few times a day was just not enough.. and I knew it.. the only way I now drink enough water is with one of those huge tumbler type jugs that has the times of the day and how much you should drink by that time. It's like a game now, if it is 1 pm and I am at the 11 am mark, I chug to catch up. Water is life. This factor has also played a big part in me feeling better.

Back to the supplement, I am understanding that these phytoestrogens are only working because I have functional estrogen receptors. Not sure if they go away, stop functioning? I am literally asking, because this part confuses me a bit. While I am SO pleased with what is working for me right now, I want to keep learning more so that I am better prepared for whatever will come next.

Studying hormones, especially female hormones and replacing or accentuating them; has been a very confusing, contradicting and time consuming adventure. I can not express enough to do your own research! So much of what we have been told for YEARS on female hormone replacement has been either incomplete, improved on, and/or just plain wrong. Much of it (female hormone replacement) has been practiced using a "standard of care protocol." Meaning, doing what's been done because that protocol has been medically accepted. The threat of medical malpractice for non traditional aka holistic (which ironically is actually very traditional, meaning plant based and treating root issues not just quieting symptoms) is real. Therefore, we have to become our own advocates to get the information.

ALSO, WE WOMEN NEED TO BE TALKING TO EACH OTHER! We need to talk to our friends and family about how they are handling this change.

So many middle aged women are categorized as "mean" "bitchy" or "cold." When in reality, we are tired, confused and having issues with thermoregulation, making us hot, not cold :)

Sadly, a lot of middle aged women think they are to blame, they are mentally unstable and go to antidepressants. Look at these stats:

Highest percentage is women aged 45-64, peri menopause and menopause ages. Coincidence? I think not.


This is the result of both doctors and ourselves, as women, not talking about peri menopause and menopause! Our mothers certainly didn't talk about it.. and that's okay. WE are the daughters of the silent generation, WE need to start talking.

Actual hormone replacement or enhancement is only one part of this puzzle called "the change." It truly is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey as well. It seems that with these fluctuating hormones comes a lot of emotional "stuff." Time to deal with that. Time to release it. In the words of Christiane Northrup MD:

" All of us are given a certain amount of crap to compost. Get it out of you so that you can mix it with rich soil and create something new.

Learn from it. Write a poem explaining it and dance or cry it out of you; to heal yourself.

Create something better from the crap so it doesn't define your life or make you sick. And while composting, let's throw onto the compost heap the old belief that suffering is redemptive. You are not getting a ticket to the VIP seats in Heaven by torturing yourself on Earth today. The atonement archetype has to go; and it's deeply embedded in most of us.

When it comes to painful emotions, it's important not to indulge their inherit drama. There is a difference between bringing up the emotions to the surface of your awareness so that you can release them; and artificially keeping these experiences alive inside of you. Don't identify with your depressive feelings and tell yourself that the world is out to get you - so you might as well anticipate the worst. Better to indulge in pro-noia as writer and astrologist Rob Brezsny defines as 'the belief that the world is conspiring to shower us with blessings.'

Stop waiting for the moment that it is okay to be happy. When the weight is lost, when stopping making financial mistakes, or achieved whatever goal post of perfection that you set up for yourself.

PUT ON THE MUSIC AND DANCE NOW. Your unrestricted, luscious, rich joy serves not only you but the planet."

Take away:

  1. Be kind. In general, but especially to middle aged women. We are navigating new territory and doing the best we can.

  2. 2.) Research. Research. Research. Find what supplements, exercise, therapy, life coaching, breathable light weight sheets.. will work for you.

  3. Talk about the "change" with other women. We need each other!



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