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It's almost spring.. but not quite yet

Today is a snow day for many people. The roads were horrible even though it was a wet sloppy snow.

Cold days and nights equal the heater and or fire place going which equals dry dry skin.

If I had a picture of my dry skin I would post it on here.. but I don't becasue my skin is super exfoliated and moisturized. As I have stated time and time agin, I use all the products I make - often I use them for quite sometime before I post them for sale.

My daily regimen on my face is the Almond & Honey Scrub followed by You Glow Foaming Face Wash, then some thick facial lotion (soon to be available for purchase.)

I can't wait to promote the new facial moisturizer; it's really amazing! It should be available in the next week or two. After the scrub, wash & lotion, I use a variety of Some of Your Beeswax Lip Balms. One of my most popular selling items. They are currently available in Sweet Orange, Peppermint and Sweet Birch.

Another option coming soon is a bundle package of Some of Your Beeswax Lip Balms!

I am excited about the new products and options. All of my products have been loved by those who have tried them, which is why I am happy to send samples out. If you are interested in "try before you buy" let me know, I am glad to send you a free sample.

If you are one of the growing number of people that have become alarmed about the massive amounts of chemicals used in every day products; please give Co-Op Chicks a try, you won't be sorry! The prodcuts aren't good just because they are all natural, they actually work!

I am looking forward to spring as I am sure everyone is and even though today is a snow day... I saw my daffodils popping up the other day.

Nature is so beautiful; let it show you by using all natural Co-Op Chicks products.

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