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Looking After Oneself

This post is about self-care, yet the term is over used I had to look it up in a thesaurus, By looking up I mean google another word or words for self care, and the words that jumped out at me the most were "Looking after oneself." Why do we feel so guilty or selfish when we take the time to look after ourselves? Maybe some people don't, but I know I do.

I test all the products I make long before they hit my website. So when I made bath bombs, salts for baths and goats milk soaps; for the sake of work, I had to take some baths. I know.. rough, but somebody's gotta do it. I truly forgot how wonderful baths are.

For clarification and because my family reads my blog posts, this is a stock image, it's not me. Pretty sure that didn't need explanation though :)

The flower petals may seem a little over the top, but really they aren't, as Co-Op Chicks new bath bombs have organic calendula flowers in them. They float around in your bath. Each bath bomb fizzes away and becomes a relaxing and detoxifying bath.

For an even more powerful muscle relaxing bath, oh my did this Epsom & Himalayan Salt mix do the trick.

The other day the outside water source was frozen. I had to go inside in our bathroom and fill up a water bucket for the dogs and chickens.

As I was walking down the deck stairs, I bit it, bit it hard and completely lost my footing, slipped and fell. HOWEVER, I was totally impressed with myself that I did not spill even one drop of water out of the bucket. It's times like those that I wished I was wearing a GoPro. It was truly impressive and no one saw this completely ungraceful fall down three stairs (yea only three but nonetheless....) without spilling a single drop of water. One of the cows looked over but that was more because of the profanity spewing from my mouth. A N Y W A Y... all was good, I proudly but carefully watered the dogs and chickens, reminding then that I do in fact risk my life for them.

Then, the next day rolled around and I could not figure out why I was sore. Lord knows it was not from any exercise as that's not been a part of my regimen for a little bit, ok for at least 10 years. I figure taking care of this farm is exercise, so I don't need a gym. As I get closer to 50, I am rethinking this one.

Clarification: this also is not me. Because, unlike her, I did not spill the water. I also don't live in a desert and I don't have a dress like that, but I do like her boots!

The point of this spill I took without actually spilling is that I woke up so sore the next day. After the above mentioned knowing it wasn't from working out, I remembered my fall. Wow, everything hurt! That evening I ended up taking a bath with the Epsom & Himalayan with Lavender Salt Bath. It was amazing. Not just because Epsom salt is wonderful for soothing muscles, but also because I was taking the time to look after myself. I have a human tribe and several animal herds that depend on me, I really have to be ok. As I get older I am realizing that falling hurts more; also who am I helping if I am gimping through being hurt? Yes all the mouths here will be fed, but if I am in pain I am certainly not doing so with love and gratitude - and that's putting it mildly.

On to Goats Milk Soap. Ummm.. I am in love with both making and using this stuff! I have no idea why I waited so long to do so. It's been a long time since I have seen an actual bar of soap in our bathroom. I forgot how much I like this old fashioned way of grooming oneself. Beyond aesthetics though, this stuff is amazing for your skin!

"The lactic acid in goat’s milk helps to break down skin cells, aiding the natural process through which we continually shed old cells as new ones are formed. Goat’s milk is also rich in vitamins and nutrients important to healthy skin, including zinc, alpha hydroxy acid and amino acid, as well as vitamins A, B, C and E. The pH balance of the fatty acids found in goat’s milk is very similar to the pH levels found in the human body, making it easy for these beneficial nutrients and moisturizers to be absorbed into the skin. If you use goat’s milk soap on a regular basis, you will likely find that your skin requires less moisturizer. For those desiring a more natural lifestyle and products, what is lacking in goat’s milk soap is just as important as what is in it. Pure goat’s milk soap does not contain detergents, alcohol, dyes or petroleum products." Source:

Yea, that's why!

In combination with a sugar scrub (currently I am on a Whipped Lavender Sugar Scrub kick) and one of my many lotions I like to choose from (click here for lotion types) my skin is glowing.. IN THE MIDDLE OF COLD HARSH ELEMENTS THAT I AM OUT IN ALL THE TIME!

Almost forgot about Milk Bath! Powered goats milk bath. Also contains organic calendula flowers and lavender essential oil.

One packet per bath. A M A Z I N G.

These items are not expensive, so throw that excuse out of why you can't look after yourself. They are however all natural & made locally by me.. add those to your reasons to buy some for yourself. Most importantly though, rather you buy my products or not, look after yourself. You deserve it.

To quote one of my favorite authors

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