Cherish Yesterday * Dream Tomorrow * Live Today

This is what we have been doing here on the farm. Many found memories of how we started out, just a couple horses & dogs. Dreaming and planning for future plans ~ And most importantly living today. Since my last post, the weather has been ever changing. One weekend it was snow, the next ice and the following a high of 70 degrees! All of the animals have endured these changes very well. Mother nature has a way doing that. Since the horses have their winter coats, the 70 degree day had them playing and splashing in a mud puddle to cool off. The biggest challenge in the winter months is water. All of the animals must have 24/7 access to clean unfrozen water. Our water tanks have heaters, but mu

Welcome 2017

Happy New Year! Hoping you and your family had a wonderful holiday. It's been a mix of fun, busy and sickness here. Nothing major just a chest cold that seems to linger for awhile. I found the Eucalyptus Scrub very helpful this past week, as well as the Eucalyptus Chest Rub. I was able to capture some precious moments in time lately. This boy and this dog really have my heart. Christmas this year with Oliver was fun because he's just now at the age to really grasp it all. I was as giddy as he was with anticipation for Christmas morning! He was of course excited about what Santa was going to bring, I was excited to see his reaction. He was pretty sleepy Christmas morning after a late night;

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