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Stopping to Smell the Roses

" Stopping to smell the roses is an act of appreciation and recognizing the source of goodness in our lives. It means taking time to recognize the daily moments that bring us joy and really seeing what causes that emotion." This is what a quick web search came up with. I like this, a lot.

A Rose of Sharon from a beautiful bush on our farm.

I have been doing a lot of stopping to smell the roses lately. Being home more than usual has helped me slow down a little bit. I am not wired this way, well.. I am, we all are, but we have gotten so far away of our essence.

I have to purposefully make myself slow down. I have conditioned myself to feel better when I do more. Lately, that has adjusted. I am starting to feel better when I sense more. When I slow down.

In a world and time that is so uncertain, so unfamiliar, there are things I have started to notice and appreciate more, all due to slowing down and sensing.

I love coffee. I love the smell of coffee. Up until recently, I bought only ground coffee for daily use and whole bean coffee for "special occasions." Today, and going forward, I fully recognize that today IS a special occasion, as is each and every day. I have a deep appreciation for the texture and scent of whole bean coffee. I like the process of grinding it. In fact for my upcoming birthday, I am going to buy myself a hand grinder for coffee beans instead of the electric one. Just the thought if it makes me happy! Last week I even broke out my pour over coffee maker. I've had it for months, never used it. Why? Waiting for that "special occasion" I suppose. Well, this past Sunday was special enough.

Throughout the day I find myself delighted about how many products I use that come from our natural world, internally and externally. From raw honey straight out of our hives used alone or in elderberry syrup to the beeswax based lotion I use everyday.

Knowing the source if what I use or consume is important to me; being a part of that source, well it feeds my soul.

Making these products and offering them to others gives me a sense of "my cup runneth over." I am blessed in my world and being able to share these blessings makes me feel like maybe this, this, is my life purpose. It really is that deep for me.

From smell of beeswax that I render from our hives, to the texture of the luffa that I grew on our farm and the taste of raw honey... these are simple pleasures that I do not take for granted.

I flourish when I slow down. Creative ideas come flooding in. Right now I am working on infused honey (star anise, cinnamon, lavender, vanilla and more!) As well as loose leaf teas. Check back soon for those offerings.

In the meantime, indulge your senses with a variety of offerings I have available. each and every one of us needs to indulge our senses. It's as good for you as it is for me. Tasting, smelling and feeling items made from nature gives you a powerful connection to Mother Earth.

Raw honey. Available in 1 pound, 2 pound and 13 oz hexagon jars. All in glass jars with honey dippers included.

Bee Moisturized Calendula Lotion. A thick beeswax based lotion. Quenches thirsty skin as well as forms a barrier of protection from the elements.

Ritual Bath. A lovely blend of Epsom salts, dried flowers and essential oils. Just plain wonderful.

Organically grown luffa. each year I plant luffa and am always amazed at this gourd turned sponge! They are fantastic for exfoliation.

Fall is the perfect time to engage your senses. From the undeniable smell of a campfire to the cool morning breeze and the afternoon warming sun. Take the time the small moments throughout the day to appreciate all that surrounds you.

Take in all the elements, earth, air, water and fire.

Take the time to smell the roses.


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