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Making an Impact

Earlier this week, the community I live in, a wonderful family and an entire school district; lost a an incredible woman.

Pat was also my friend, my neighbor (meaning she lived less than 10 miles away) and my kids teacher.

Pat fought a long and difficult battle with cancer. I will not say that she "lost" the battle, because she outlived her prognosis and her spirit, attitude and faith always remained high. Her physical body just wore out.

This woman. Wow. I am not sure that I can describe in words how amazing she was while she was here on Earth. Teaching at a school district for 30 years, this woman made an impact. Mostly because she worked with not only teen agers, but the ones who were at risk of dropping out. If you are a parent, like Pat, like myself, you know that by far, this age in their lives are the most difficult.

Pat established and maintained a relationship with these young adults. This not only led to them graduating, but also made them feel like someone believed in them, because she did. This commitment changed numerous young adults lives.

It's always difficult when someone you love passes. Sometimes people pass suddenly and you don't get to say what you need/want to say, or even get the chance to say good bye - for now. In typical self sacrificing Pat style, she held on long enough for people that loved her to say what they needed to say.

I am SO grateful that I was able to do just that. I was able to sit next to her, hold her hand, tell her I love her and most importantly, I whispered to her "thank you for believing in my kids, even when I often didn't." She squeezed my hand and began to cry (she was unable to talk due to the stokes she had just had.) That moment will always be etched in my head and live in my heart forever. Bitter sweet.

During her last several days I took a few of her grand-kids back to our farm. Just to be outside, away from the sadness for a bit and just able to be kids. I know Mother Nature heals, I know animals heal. It's never forced, it just happens, exactly as it's supposed to.

Her grand daughter finding a heart shaped rock in the creek, her one grand son just enjoying the creek and Rissie offering her support and love to her other grand son.

What I didn't expect and absolutely blew me away was this

Not the fact that the horse is offering love and support; horses are super sensitive and are healers. But this horse? She was born a mustang and since my oldest daughter moved away (the one that trained her and rode her) she has returned to her mustang ways. I am lucky if I can catch her occasionally to trim her hooves or de worm her. She runs away when we walk out with treats. She DOES NOT come around people. She did this time though and it's one of the most Divine scenes I have ever witnessed. It's truly unbelievable and if I had not been here to see it, I would not believe it. She knew, even with all her mustang instincts, that this boy needed love.

She knew it so much, she decided to trust.

*Even Ginger, the horse to the right observing is shocked at what she's seeing!

The lesson I take from this: to also trust. If this wild mustang can trust this boy that's full of energy and goes against her instinct to even be around him, much less let him touch her.. well then I can trust that Pat lived out her soul contract. That she did all she was sent here to do, even though my human brain wants to scream how unfair it is. I am going to trust that she is well. That her pain is gone and that she is basking in the reunion with her mom and much loved grand son that passed at age 8. I trust they are together and this makes my human brain that will miss her, be a little more open and understanding.

The other lesson is one in just having the honor of knowing Pat and having her as a friend, I am a better person.

Pat left this Earth a better place than when she arrived. There are hundreds of people that can testify to that. Literally everyone that was lucky enough to know Pat and have her in their lives are better off.


Love you my friend, meet you on the other side.

The poem I wrote for Pat

The one that took charge

Taking care of people far and near

It's okay my friend

We will take it from here

We will try to let go of

Our sadness and fear

It's okay my friend

We will take it from here

The memories bring

So much love and cheer

It's okay my friend

We will take it from here

You made your intentions

Very clear

It's okay my friend

We will take it from here

Your legacy of helping others

Will stand solid year after year

It's okay my friend

We will take it from here

You've touched so many lives

You gave so much my dear

It's okay my friend

We will take it from here

You are not here nor there

You are everywhere

It's okay my friend

We will take it from here.

Lastly, to help keep Pat's legacy alive and honor all her hard work please donate to this awesome fund set up to continue to help at risk kids.

Click here to help

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