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New Products and New Options!

I have done a handful of events lately, selling at various venues. It's always nice to meet new people, as most of them become loyal clients.

The other benefit of these events is that people get to try products.

I made a ton of products for the events I had in October and I am ELATED that I almost sold everything!

I learned a few things from these events; so I customized a few options as well added to my online store some items I made just for the events.

Bee Moisturized Calendula Lotion. My top selling lotion for dry to severely dry. It was only available in a 4 oz Mason jar. However, some of the people that tried it at the events wanted something they could bring to work with them. Most of these people were RN's and their hands showed the damage of having to wash them over and over. Bee moisturized is now available in a 2 oz tin! The 4 oz Mason jar is still an option as well.


The same issue came up with Bee Calm Lotion. It's also now available in a 2 oz tin.

Both of these lotions are excellent for dry skin, however the Bee Moisturized Lotion has more skin healing properties. They both have a generous amount of local MO beeswax added, so they are more like a mix between a lotion and a balm. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY.


I made these adorable goats milk soap bars for the events. I figured I would see if people like them, then I would decide rather or not to offer them on my online shop. Well.. I sold out! So they liked them, they really liked them!

The smaller ones are in the shape of a dog, cow and chicken. They are 1 ounce. They are made of a goats milk soap base and a touch of lavender essential oil. You get 2 for $4!

I have some (larger) owl and fox molds, so I made some of those as well. They were just as much of a hit! Same ingredients, just a little larger, closer to 1 1/2 ounces. I LOVE them!


Then there are these: Locally grown organic luffa and goats milk soap! Talk about cool! I love these so much I can't believe I haven't made them prior to now. They are perfect for cleaning and exfoliating at one time! They have a splash of eucalyptus essential oil added, awesome for this time of year.


These two products I have had for some time. However, both of them are so loaded with the good stuff, beeswax, that the larger tins were priced higher and were honestly, too much product. Now, both Wrinkles Bee Gone and Beard Balm are available in a small .5 oz tin. They come just like the pictures, with the wooden spoons everyone loves and instructions for use.


Lastly, a shout out to my clients that buy Queen Bee Almond & Honey Scrub on a regular basis. This product has been and continues to be a top seller. One client even buys it in the largest container I have, an 8 oz Mason jar. Thank you good client! You know who you are :)

This product made from Local MO raw honey, ground almond meal, sweet almond oil & vanilla or bitter almond essential oil, is truly amazing. The almond meal acts as a natural yet effective exfoliator and the raw honey, well don't take my word for it, google "benefits of raw honey for skin" It's amazing!


Poke around my website and you will find so many great items! Lots of Christmas gift ideas (yea, I know it's the beginning of November and I mentioned Christmas!) Your recipient will be ever so impressed with your support of local products.

You will find the goats milk soaps and the luffa & goats milk soap in the "Just Hatched" portion, the lotions are located under the "Honey Bee Yourself" tab as well as the "Lotion" tab. Queen Bee Almond & Honey Scrub is under the "Honey Bee Yourself" tab, you will also find the Beard Balm & Wrinkles Bee Gone there as well.

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